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Areas Of Expertise

Product Development

A seismic transformation is happening in the product development process. The need for decisiveness and prompt response to trends and consumer expectations requires an agility that is fueled by technology and flexible strategies. By streamlining workflow implementation from product concept to production, Kaliman Consulting helps you achieve your business strategies and goals.

  • Reduce cycle time with customized agile calendars
  • Improve workflow and eliminate unnecessary or duplicate tasks
  • Increase efficiency in the design and technical design process
  • Reduce sample costs and samples with 3D visualization
  • Achieve merchandising vision at the desired quality and price
  • Implement the appropriate PLM and Digital channels


The focus on producing apparel at the lowest cost is being replaced with the drive for agility, responsiveness, transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. A balanced and diversified sourcing portfolio of quality suppliers is the key to reacting faster to trends, committing less up-front and navigating political uncertainty. Kaliman Consulting provides the expertise in building a supply chain matrix that best supports business goals.

  • Align supply chain strategies to long-term and short-term business objectives
  • Develop a global vendor matrix across all product categories.
  • Implement calendars supporting multiple speed to market models
  • Shift transactional supplier relationship to true partnerships and collaboration
  • Achieve price targets utilizing reverse product cost engineering
  • Create transparency and efficiency integrating digitalization into the supply chain
  • Implement Quality Standards and Regulatory Compliance


Today’s apparel industry continues to operate under a traditional analog supply chain that is based upon outdated technology and inefficient manual processes such as emails and spreadsheets. This type of analog supply chain cannot accommodate the demands of a digital consumer. Digital integration is crucial in creating efficiencies and transparency, and breaking down barriers between design, product development, sourcing, production, logistics, and ultimately the consumer.

Kaliman Consulting partners with the best in class digital software companies aligning the platform that best supports the business strategies.

  • PLM roadmap tailored to company goals
  • Improved design and product development efficiencies
  • Shorter development lead-times and overall reduction in supply chain cycle time
  • Faster decision making by increasing visibility across the supply chain.
  • 3D visualization and virtual sampling

Speed To Market

The average brand or retailer has a 6 to 9-month cycle time from concept to consumer. This translates to slower inventory turns, higher markdowns and lower profits. The traditional slow model that values low costs above all else, is not optimal. There is no standard speed to market strategy that is right for all companies. One size does not fit all. Kaliman Consulting customizes the speed to market model that is right for each business.

  • Digital: Reduction in product development cycle time and cost with 3-D design, virtual fitting and sampling.
  • Process: Improvement in development efficiencies and lead times by reducing workload duplication of internal and external vendor functions.
  • Production: Timely reaction to trends and customer demand by platforming fabric and material.
  • Supply Chain Diversification: Providing flexible lead times by establishing a supply chain with a broad vendor base; utilizing near-shore and offshore

Vendor Selection

The global supply chain is continuously evolving.  You require access to a strategic supply chain designed to avoid disruption caused by economic and political factors. Kaliman Consulting has an extensive network of apparel vendors in Asia and the Americas with an established record of shipping quality apparel to US brands and retailers.

  • Strategic vendor allocation customized to achieve business goals including price, quality and omni-channel distribution
  • Vendors with an integrated supply chain and diversified factory base.
  • Vendors with development, fabric sourcing and innovation capabilities.
  • Factories that meet quality standards, social responsibility and compliance.

Production Management

Planning and managing production is essential for ensuring on-time delivery and achieving quality expectations.  We focus on factory capacity, the management of work in process and addressing production quality issues proactively. We start early in the pre-production stage and continue through final production.  Kaliman Consulting partners with global production management services and best in class vendors with internal production and quality assurance teams.

  • Factory Capacity Planning
  • Work in Progress production monitoring
  • Fabric quality testing
  • Pre-production Garment Testing
  • Post production Inspection and Quality Assurance testing
  • Factory Audits and certification
  • Quality Control Standards and Regulatory Compliance verification