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Established brands and retailers face a sea change in how they develop, source and manufacture products that resonate with consumers. Apparel start-ups are digitally, social media and marketing savvy; yet need to improve their supply chain to be agile and profitable. Kaliman Consulting’s expertise complements companies’ internal resources.

What if you could compete in an apparel industry in transition, utilize technology more effectively, be faster to market and hold less inventory? What if your company had access to apparel sourcing expertise and qualified vendors to fit your business needs?

Kaliman Consulting can help you address these issues, and more.

Our Focus

Kaliman Consulting works with clients to customize global sourcing strategies and product development processes that help achieve their business goals. We partner with you to improve margins, lower product development costs, reduce cycle time and create stronger vendor relationships. We integrate deep expertise across all functionalities of the product lifecycle, and offer a strategic individualized approach to each business.

Who We Serve

Taking a product from a concept to production requires an agile process and effective execution. We understand that this is no small task. Whether your business is a start-up or established, whether you are a retailer, e-tailer, a brand or an investor, we help your company navigate today’s fast changing retail landscape with our global expertise in product development, sourcing and manufacturing and our vendor network.






Areas Of Expertise

Product Development

A seismic transformation is happening in the product development process. The need for decisiveness and prompt response to trends and consumer expectations requires an agility that is fueled by technology and flexible strategies. By streamlining workflow implementation from product concept to production, Kaliman Consulting helps you achieve your business strategies and goals.


The focus on producing apparel at the lowest cost is being replaced with the drive for agility, responsiveness, transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. A balanced and diversified sourcing portfolio of quality suppliers is the key to reacting faster to trends, committing less up-front and navigating political uncertainty. Kaliman Consulting provides the expertise in building a supply chain matrix that best supports business goals.


Today’s apparel industry continues to operate under a traditional analog supply chain that is based upon outdated technology and inefficient manual processes such as emails and spreadsheets. This type of analog supply chain cannot accommodate the demands of a digital consumer. Digital integration is crucial in creating efficiencies and transparency… Kaliman Consulting partners with the best in class digital software companies aligning the platform that best supports the business strategies.

Speed To Market

The average brand or retailer has a 6 to 9-month cycle time from concept to consumer. This translates to slower inventory turns, higher markdowns and lower profits. The traditional slow model that values low costs above all else, is not optimal. There is no standard speed to market strategy that is right for all companies. One size does not fit all. Kaliman Consulting customizes the speed to market model that is right for each business.

Vendor Selection

The global supply chain is continuously evolving.  You require access to a strategic supply chain designed to avoid disruption caused by economic and political factors. Kaliman Consulting has an extensive network of apparel vendors in Asia and the Americas with an established record of shipping quality apparel to US brands and retailers.

Production Management

Planning and managing production is essential for ensuring on-time delivery and achieving quality expectations.  We focus on factory capacity, the management of work in process and addressing production quality issues proactively. We start early in the pre-production stage and continue through final production.  Kaliman Consulting partners with global production management services and best in class vendors with internal production and quality assurance teams.

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Charlie has always been one of the best skilled sourcing executives I have ever worked with over my 26 year career. He built a global network based on global based on trust, loyalty, kpi, all grounded in execution and meeting company goals. I have always followed Charlie’s guidance and recommendations as a supplier and as a businessman. Often I reach out to discuss topics of the day and the ever changing sourcing landscape. As the world changes from analog to digital, then supply chain will change in an unprecedented way. Charlie is a great person to help guide, teach, and consult on the needs of tomorrow versus where we are today.

Jason Kra
FRC Division President
Li & Fung Limited
Charles Kaliman is a natural leader with extensive global sourcing experience.  I had the pleasure of working with Charles at Sears Holdings Corporation.  I could always depend on Charles for his expertise in all facets of supply chain management.  Charles elevated the SHC product by choosing and working closely with quality vendors, ensuring that they provided the best product at the best price and on-time delivery.  Charles exceeded expectations every time.  He can create a strong sourcing strategy from nothing or elevate the performance of an existing sourcing/procurement team.
Kim Garrett
Director of R&D, Compliance and QC
Chicago Protective Apparel, Inc.

To improve our product development and sourcing needs, we turned to Charlie to leverage his extensive experience in the area. He exceeded our expectations on a daily basis and was pivotal in securing overseas production for our clothing in addition to identifying inefficiencies in our processes which increased profits and scalability. With Charlie, we not only received a consultant, but his services felt more like a partnership and he truly cared about our business and its prosperity going above and beyond the scope of work initially agree upon. I would highly recommend him for any business looking to improve their product procurement process.

Peter Netzel, Founder Kelvin Coats